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Blues Along the River

By Sandra Robbins


When Victoria Turner and Marcus Raines marry, they're both surprised to quickly discover they're not living happily ever after. Marcus continues to remember his late father's warnings about women betraying men, and he wonders if that is exactly what Victoria is doing when she refuses to abide by his wishes. Victoria is appalled that Marcus doesn't recognize how the South is changing after the war and that he can no longer treat his tenant farmers the way his father treated their slaves. Instead of being full of joy, their lives in their beautiful plantation home along the Alabama River reflect the blues sung by their workers.

Will Victoria and Marcus find the answers they need by turning to the Author of their love? Or will the pain of their pasts and their unwillingness to forgive leave their hearts empty and their home filled with bitterness?

Book Takeaway:

God's love can bring forgiveness even to the most stubborn hearts.

Why the author wrote this book:

To convey how life changed among the people in the Black Belt of Alabama after the Civil War


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