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Dinner at the St. James

By Sandra Robbins


Tave Spencer has lost her heart to Daniel Luckett, but he is determined to run from their love.
Knowing that he can't provide her the luxury-filled life Matthew Chandler offers, Daniel decides to leave town, telling Tave that someday she'll realize he is rights. She should marry Matthew and join the social elite who dine at the exclusive St. James restaurant. But as Daniel prepares to go, Tave suggests that his real problem is that he can't love anyone because his heart is so filled with hate toward those who have wronged him.
Will Tave find healing for her broken heart as the wife of Matthew and mistress of his plantation home? Will Daniel find the peace he so desperately seeks? And will Tave and Daniel discover the plans God has for them together-or will they wait until it is too late?


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