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Colleen K. Snyder

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Colleen K. Snyder has always had a passion for writing. She authored two previously published books: Journey to Amanah: The Beginning and Return to Tebel-Ayr: The Journey Continues (B&H Publishing 1991, 1993). She lives on a “ranchette” in California She serves on her church prayer team and exercises a ministry of encouragement. Colleen has worked as a factory line worker, pharmacy technician, USAF missile systems analyst, nanny, teacher and whatever else the Lord required. Her story is for His glory, always.

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It started with a simple idea. Jeff and Collin Farrell want to hold a company retreat. A week’s stay at their private lodge, all expenses covered. Everyone is welcome. Come have a great time. Until someone gets shot. Someone dies. Natural causes? Stupidity? Murder? The week had become a nightmare.…

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"One man in a thousand, Solomon says, will stick more close than a brother...But the thousandth man will stand by your side, to the gallows' feet and after." Rudyard Kipling Who is your "thousandth man?" The friend with who you can share your heart and soul? The one who knows your…

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“Choose. One lives. One dies.” What do you do when hope is all you have? Is it really all you need? Where is God when every choice looks dark? Erin Winger’s fiancé and his infant niece have been violently kidnapped. . The kidnappers don’t want money. They want revenge. And not against Erin…

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When was the last time you lied? Do you lie to keep a secret? Or do you keep a secret to hide a lie? Collin Farrell has a secret, and she can’t wait to tell her husband. Jeff Farrell has a secret, too, one he’s been hiding from Collin since before they married. Collin’s brother, Erin, has a girlfriend…

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Three hundred MILLION dollars. Your inheritance. Buy anything you want, go anywhere you want, do anything you want. All yours. Except… You’re a social worker. How do you maintain “street cred” with the kids you’ve devoted your life to? How will that kind of money affect the man you love? And…

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Finding Freedom

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Thirty-six years of marriage. Two children. Two granddaughters, the lights of her life. Her home. Her friends. Her church. Her God? Will she throw it all away for freedom? Freedom from abuse? From neglect? Subjection? And what if he comes after her? For Sheridan (Dash)…

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Verdict at the River's Edge

What terrifies you? In the dark recess of your soul, what is it that you’ve managed to avoid, to hide, to bury deep, never to be faced? And what if the Lord asked you to face that fear for no other reason than, “Because I’m asking?” What would you do? Welcome to Collin Walker’s world. Collin…

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