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Cold Pursuit

By Gayla K. Hiss


Can they elude the relentless danger before it’s too late?

A December tour of Yellowstone National Park sounded like the perfect escape from Faith Chandler’s problems at home—until she discovers her tour guide is her jilted childhood sweetheart, Jake Mitchell. Faced with guilt from her past mistakes, plus a disturbing pattern of suspicious incidents, Faith has second thoughts about staying on the tour.

Despite her misgivings, the serene splendor of the winter wonderland provides a much-needed respite from her stressful life and gives her a fresh perspective. After a little soul-searching, she wants to come clean with Jake. But can he forgive her for the heartache she caused—or the truth she’s withheld from him? Meanwhile, Jake wants to keep Faith at a distance, yet he must protect her from the menace stalking his tour group.

As her enemies close in like ravenous wolves, Faith is the only one who can stop the mayhem by finding the missing piece of the puzzle. Is it a smoking gun—or a trap set to destroy both her and Jake?

Book Takeaway:

Material Wealth is no substitute for true love and happiness.


Year Title Description
2019 Faith, Hope, and Love Reader's Choice Award for Romantic Suspense For my book Wildfire

Why the author wrote this book:

To share the beauty of God's creation in Yellowstone National Park in a thrilling, inspiring story. The hero Jake was a young firefighter in my third book Wildfire. Because he had some hard things to overcome, this book picks up with Jake's journey and shares more about his past.


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