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By MaryAnn Diorio PhD, MFA


When Sonia Pettit's teenage daughter suddenly disappears for seven long years, Sonia faces losing her mind, her husband, and her son as she struggles to forgive her wa yward daughter and trust God for her return.

Book Takeaway:

Unforgiveness enslaves the one who refuses to forgive, while forgiveness frees the one who chooses to forgive.

Why the author wrote this book:

When I was a young adult, my cousin disappeared voluntarily. For years, her parents heard nothing. I often wondered what it would be like to have a child go missing on purpose and never return. I often wondered if the child would fear returning and how her parents would receive her if she did. From this experience, coupled with my own experience of being hurt and needing to forgive, emerged A CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING. I have learned what it means to forgive and how to forgive. I have also learned that unforgiveness enslaves while forgiveness sets free. I wrote this book to help others who may be struggling with unforgiveness so that they too may be set free by obeying Jesus Christ's command to forgive.


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