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Penelope Pumpernickel: Precocious Problem-Solver

By MaryAnn Diorio


Eight-year-old Penelope Pumpernickel--Penny, for short--has run into a big problem. His name is Grandville Ungerleider--Grandy, for short. Grandy wants to be Penny's friend, but he has a strange way of letting her know. Maybe his father's recent death has something to do with it.

Penny's best-friend-forever, Matilda Mendoza--Tilly, for short--offers Penny some good suggestions about what to do with Grandy. When Grandy disrupts the Homeschool Consortium with his crazy antics, Penny must find a way to solve the big problems he causes.

In this first of the delightful Penelopme Pumpernickel Series of chapters books for six-to-ten-year-old children, Penelope Pympernickel learns that no matter how big a problem you face, there is always a way to solve it with God's help.

Book Takeaway:

There is no problem too big for God.

Why the author wrote this book:

I saw a need for chapter books written from a Biblical worldview.


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