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Janet Sketchley

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Janet Sketchley is an Atlantic Canadian writer who likes her fiction with a splash of mystery or adventure and a dash of Christianity. Why leave faith out of our stories if it’s part of our lives? You can find Janet online at

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Bitter Truth (A Green Dory Inn Mystery #3)

Who would want Ciara dead? And why? Against all odds, Landon Smith and her ordinary-hero neighbour Bobby Hawke survived a murderous plot six weeks ago. Now, she’s determined to leave solving mysteries to the experts—like handsome local police officer Dylan Tremblay. But when a friend is nearly killed…

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Hidden Secrets (A Green Dory Inn Mystery #2)

The secrets of Captain Hiltz may not have died with him. When Landon Smith returns to the Green Dory Inn, she finds innkeeper Anna Young still shaken by the recent vandalism and unable to cope when the inn is targeted in an online vendetta. Prickly neighbour Bobby Hawke can help with Anna’s cyber…

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Unknown Enemy (A Green Dory Inn Mystery #1)

Landon Smith vowed never to return to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Despite her faith, the memories might undo her. But a shadowy figure has been skulking around the Green Dory Inn—seen only by her friend Anna. Loyalty demands she stand by this woman who’s been a second mother to her. No matter the cost.…

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Prelude to Danger (Redemption's Edge #0.5)

Prelude to Danger is a collection of bonus material not included in the Redemption’s Edge novels. If you’ve read the series, it’s your chance to spend a bit more time with the characters and to eavesdrop on how their stories open. If you haven’t read the series, this is a good way to discover…

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Without Proof (Redemption's Edge #3)

"Asking questions could cost your life." Two years after the plane crash that killed her fiancé, Amy Silver has fallen for his best friend, artist Michael Stratton. When a local reporter claims the small aircraft may have been sabotaged, it reopens Amy's grief. Anonymous warnings and threats…

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Secrets and Lies (Redemption's Edge #2)

Carol Daniels thinks she out-ran her enemies, until a detective arrives at her door with a warning from her convict brother. Minor incidents take on a sinister meaning. An anonymous phone call warns her not to hide again. Now she must cooperate with a drug lord while the police work to trap him. Carol…

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Heaven's Prey (Redemption's Edge #1)

Despite her husband's objections, 40-something Ruth Warner finds healing through prayer for Harry Silver, the racing star turned serial killer who brutally raped and murdered her niece. When a kidnapping-gone-wrong pegs her as his next victim, Harry claims that by destroying the one person who d pray…

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