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Prelude to Danger (Redemption's Edge #0.5)

By Janet Sketchley


Prelude to Danger is a collection of bonus material not included in the Redemption’s Edge novels. If you’ve read the series, it’s your chance to spend a bit more time with the characters and to eavesdrop on how their stories open. If you haven’t read the series, this is a good way to discover if you’d like them. (Just be aware that the section for book two will give hints about the ending of book one.) Either way, you can check out each novel’s recipe and suggested playlist.

Book Takeaway:

Honestly, there's not a big takeaway for this book. It gives a deeper glimpse into the characters and lets new readers decide if they'd like to read the novels.

Why the author wrote this book:

My original publisher preferred not to include the prologues in these novels, and while I respected her wisdom, I thought the prologues would make a great little bonus feature book, especially when I could add in character interviews, recipes, etc.


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