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Without Proof (Redemption's Edge #3)

By Janet Sketchley


"Asking questions could cost your life."

Two years after the plane crash that killed her fiancé, Amy Silver has fallen for his best friend, artist Michael Stratton. When a local reporter claims the small aircraft may have been sabotaged, it reopens Amy's grief.

Anonymous warnings and threats are Amy's only proof that the tragedy was deliberate, and she has nowhere to turn. The authorities don't believe her, God is not an option, and Michael's protection is starting to feel like a cage.

How will Amy find the truth?

Michael's feisty great-aunt and the dead man's university-student sister are the other key players in this Christian romantic suspense set in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Book Takeaway:

No one is disqualified from God's love, if they'll only reach out to Him. Nothing is too big to keep them away, and nothing is too small to not be a barrier if they don't ask for His redemption.

Why the author wrote this book:

Amy's story ties in with the previous books in the Redemption's Edge series. I knew she'd lost her fiance, and I wanted to bring her to a happier place in life. I also knew she felt excluded from God's love, and I wanted to explore how she found her way into relationship with Him.


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