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Becky Melby

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Becky Melby has authored and co-authored 20 novels and novellas, most recently, she has written four time-split books for Guideposts' cozy mystery series, Secrets of Wayfarers Inn.

Becky has been married to her huband Bill for 49 years. They are the proud parents of four sons and grandparents of 15 amazing grandchildren.

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Candles in the Rain

Shawny Moses is dying. In her last hours, she retraces her life and prays that her death will allow the children she thought of as her own to finally know the truth. . .and each other. When missionary Serena Devon learns the woman she calls her second mom is dying, she finds a sliver of hope in knowing…

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Do You Know What I Know?

When a phone call from the obstetrician’s office goes to the wrong person . . . Elizabeth Schmidt can’t figure out why her husband doesn’t seem excited about the news she’s sure he heard. Is he unhappy? Or is James cheating on her? Pastor Jay Davidson is in shock. Bethany Schmidt, the woman…

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Yesterday's Stardust

Journalist Dani Gallagher finds a tattered diary written in the Roaring Twenties—and clues to a lost treasure. Chef Nicky Fiorini helps unravel the clues, and attraction ignites, but Dani is hiding her own secret. In hopes of a great story, she’s using questionable means to gather information on…

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Today's Shadows

Follow Heather Conrad into a forgotten past as her house-sitting venture goes awry. Last minute changes leave Heather in charge of her former boss’s lakeside Victorian mansion and six-year-old daughter. But the surprises have just begun. Soon startling discoveries convince Heather that something just…

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Tomorrow's Sun

Faith Reaches across the Centuries Her fractures have mended, her scars faded, but Emily Foster can’t move on until she makes restitution for a past mistake. Flipping houses seems like the path to her goal. Yet, instead of finding a door to the future, the 1840s house she plans to remodel opens windows…

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"Christmas Crazy" in A Door County Christmas

Christmas Crazy is one of four novellas. Jillian Galloway sacrifices her fall colors vacation in Sister Bay to help Uncle Buster, owner of Doorbusters Dinner Theater, salvage his business in time for the Christmas crowd. With a hole in the roof, no chef, and only two oddball actors, Jillian’s eternal…

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Minnesota Moonlight

Walk with Me, Dream Chasers, and Stillwater Promise collection. How will three modern Minnesota women cope when asked to concede their doubts and learn to trust? Is love strong enough for Sydney to forgive the past of an ex-con? Can the man April blames for her sister’s death help her fulfill a dream…

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Parting Secrets

Jeanie is pursuing her dream of winning a pastry chef contest that will send her to Paris to study and possibly teach. But she hadn't counted on her daughter's father showing up in time to give her away at her wedding. But Steven is here...and asking questions about Jeanie's disappearance nearly thirty…

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Pleasant Surprises

Due to her newfound convictions, Angel's event planning company now offers only wholesome entertainment. Clients who booked bachelor parties months ago are furious and demanding refunds. In a desperate move to pull her business out of its downward spiral, Angel compromises...and a teenage girl is rushed…

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Stillwater Promise

How can Sara trust a man who abandoned her twice? When Sara's dream of her own bed-and-breakfast is finally coming true, the man who left her twice shows up wanting to be her prince again. Life has been harsh for James since he ran out on Sara for the second time. None of his music dreams have been…

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Dream Chasers

April Douglas is determined to fulfill her sister's dream list - the things Caitlyn would have done if she hadn't died so young. Seth can't figure out why April resists him so. When he learns of her devotion to the dream list, he offers to help April check them off and overcome her fears. Just when…

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Walk with Me

Sydney can't believe she's falling for an ex-con. Fresh out of prison, Trace McKay is the first parolee to join the Sanctuary program run by Sydney Jennet's church. Trace doesn't deny causing a man's death, but there's more to the story than some people in Pine Bluff, Minnesota want to believe. But…

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Wisconsin Blessings

Three modern Wisconsin women seek the blessings promised in God's Word. Karlee Merrick has been left alone to raise two children, and just when she is most vulnerable, two men vie for her attentions-as well as her husband's paperwork. Hailey Austin has finally met the perfect man, but she carries a…

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"Over the Wall" in Race to the Altar

Over the Wall is one of four novellas in this Nascar-themed collection. Camela Eastman enjoys nursing the wounds of those who work around the racetrack, but she didn't expect her latest job to rope her into a love triangle. When jack-man tommy Garrett gets hurt, will it drive her heart to make a decision?

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