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Trading Thomas, Jamestown's Boy Interpreter

By Ora Smith


England, 1606. Thomas Savage yearns to find his worth and feel appreciated. Heartbroken when his father refuses to take him to the New World, the second son of a poor family fears he’ll be forced to accept a dull destiny as a vicar. But when his dying mother has a vision of him speaking to a Native girl, the eager lad is overjoyed to finally set sail.

Following an arduous journey across the Atlantic, Thomas lands in Jamestown only to learn his father has been killed and that he’s being traded as an interpreter to the very chieftain responsible. Now the quest for the excitement he craved may bring about his demise.

Totally unaware of what lies in store, he embarks on a new life entangled with the Virginia Natives and is on a collision course with history…and the legendary Pocahontas.

Will this naïve young settler survive the perils awaiting him and forge peace between two peoples?

Epic in its storytelling, Trading Thomas is Book One in this series of an immersive YA biographical novel. If you like strong-minded heroes, a captivating account of a boy’s resilience, and meticulously researched stories based on true events, then you’ll love Ora Smith’s coming-of-age tale.

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Heritage Fiction


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