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White Oak Plantation: Slavery's Deeper Roots

By Ora Smith


Most slaves long for freedom. Eighteen-year-old Spicey longs for a sister. As an orphaned house slave, she’s desperate to belong to a family—even her mistress Caroline’s family. But Caroline is more concerned with courting John, the local preacher, than noticing Spicey’s devotion or caring for her needs. Caroline doesn’t even think to look past Spicey’s skin color to see their relationship for what it is. But when the decision to protect a runaway slave causes them both to risk everything, will the chains of slavery keep them bound to a world of lies and prejudices or be the catalyst that sets them free?

Rich in authentic details and unforgettable characters, Caroline, John, and Spicey’s stories progress in White Oak River: A Story of Slavery’s Secrets. Inspired by the author’s own family events, the novel continues the struggles Caroline endured to overcome the scars of slavery. Look for White Oak River: A Story of Slavery’s Secrets on Amazon.

Why the author wrote this book:

This novel is based on true events of my 3rd great-grandparents


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