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"Redemption's Hope"

By Kathleen D. Bailey


“Two orphaned children. Two different sets of villains. A man without a country and a woman with too much past. And a rambunctious young country where anything went, especially in the West. Seriously. What could go wrong?”

Book Takeaway:

Jenny has accepted Christ's forgiveness, but has trouble forgiving herself. She still worries that, though her outward sins are forgiven, her past makes her not good enough for White Bear or God. She needs to see herself in God's eyes, and to make a total commitment. White Bear's issue is that he doesn't think Jenny can survive in his world, and he needs to trust God with HER.

Why the author wrote this book:

Jenny Thatcher was a secondary character in "Westward Hope" and "Settlers' Hope." She'd been demanding her own book for a while, and I wanted to see -- and have my readers see -- what happened with her and White Bear.


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