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Puppy Ciao: Novel Companion Devotional and Study Guide

By Annette OHare


An All in One Devotional and Inspirational Novel Study Guide
Puppy Ciao Novel Companion Devotional and Study Guide will encourage and challenge teens and pre-teens alike. Each unit contains a devotional encouraging readers to take a deeper dive into Puppy Ciao and find the inspirational messages tucked between the pages. Topics taken straight from the novel are based on real-life situations kids can understand and relate to. Worksheets associated with each unit cover a variety of exercises to accommodate several different learning styles. Parents and teachers will appreciate the guideā€™s uplifting approach encouraging kids to go forth in faith and meet head on the challenges young people face every day.

Book Takeaway:

A deeper spiritual understanding.

Why the author wrote this book:

As a novel companion for Max Tales Mysteries book one, Puppy Ciao.


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