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That Place Called Home

By D.L. Lane


As children, they were best friends.
​In high school, they became so much more.

Sometimes we need to leave behind what we know—the journey to somewhere, anywhere else calling us onward into the world, and so we go. In time we grow older, wiser, and perhaps more than a little world-weary. Eventually, we realize the most important journey of our life will be making our way back to where we started.

For Breckin Lorry and Mason Miller, returning to their hometown of Cedar Point, Washington wasn’t easy, but healing broken hearts while reconnecting won’t be either.

Can the former sweethearts, who allowed their youthful, impetuous choices and misunderstandings tear them apart, discover the meaning of forgiveness? And if they do, will their reunion as the adults they’ve become be worth the twenty-years it took them to get there?

Why the author wrote this book:

Even though we are Christians, we make bad decisions. We sin, and we have consequences. But God is there, waiting for us to acknowledge him. Forgiveness and happiness is possible.


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