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Then There Was You

By D. L. Lane


​They grew up together, that boy with silver eyes and the girl with golden hair. Friends forever, or so they thought until their worlds came crashing down, teaching them a hard lesson. If you hurt the one you love, deliberately or not, your mistakes can be too monumental to overcome.

For Gage Harrison and Danica Lorry, leaving their youthful past behind them, only to be back in Cedar Point as adults, had its challenges. But they’d managed to obtain new roles to play. Then Danica found herself thrust into a series of earth-shattering events, leaving Gage no choice but to do what he did best—protect her.

Amid the storm, will the two of them step out on that shaky limb called love? And if so, will their feelings for one another be the one thing they can count on when unforeseen circumstances strike their lives yet again?

Book Takeaway:

Second Chances


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