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Glacier of Secrets, Faith in the Parks Book 4

By J Carol Nemeth


Photographer Maggie Lawrence is excited about her new assignment at Denali National Park, that is, until her excitement is damped by Ranger Troy Donovan’s refusal to escort her into the wilderness for photos. When an Alaskan senator arrives and Maggie’s assignment changes, Troy is ordered by the powers that be to help Maggie out. When things turn deadly and the senator’s life is at risk, Troy and Maggie find a connection between a thirty-three-year-old Soviet defector’s record and a photo Maggie took on her first day in Alaska. While Troy is investigating deep in the park, Maggie and the good senator are kidnapped. How can Troy rescue them when he must stay on mission? There are foreign operatives in pursuit, and he can’t stop now. This woman who once stirred his refusal of help has stirred other feelings he’s buried deep inside. Now all he can think of is rescuing and protecting Maggie Lawrence.

Book Takeaway:

The hero in the book turned away from the Lord when his wife passed away. Through watching the heroine's life and seeing her live out her faith, he returns back to the Lord. He has a young son and realizes he needs to be an example of a faithful father before his son.

Why the author wrote this book:

It's the fourth in a series of five books.


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