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Hill Country Redemption

By Shannon Taylor Vannatter


This cowboy has one more chance to make it right…

He already lost her once…

Now he’s fighting for her—and their daughter.

When Rance Shepherd takes a job stocking cattle for a local rodeo, he’s shocked that his new client is his ex-sweetheart, Larae Collins. Now he’s determined to prove to the single mother that he isn’t the restless cowboy she remembers. But when he discovers her little girl is his, they both must forgive past mistakes for a second shot at a future together.

Book Takeaway:

Make decisions with God's help.

Why the author wrote this book:

To show how much better life is when people are Christians. When Rance and Larae were teens, they weren't saved. Their relationship ended with a teenage pregnancy he didn't know about. Years later, they end up neighbors. Both have become Christians and manage to work out things by putting God in the center of their relationship.


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