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The Brightest Hope, Echoes of the Heart Book 3

By Naomi Musch


Five years after the Great War…

Holly Allen is a well-adjusted war widow with a knack for running the family press. She’s over the days of waiting for a white knight to ride in and sweep her away from her cares. Besides, if Hugh Phelps is a knight, he's certainly a black one—with his prison record, personal demons, and the ghosts of war that haunt him.

When Holly hires Hugh, despite her reservations, it isn’t long before she sees the man he could really be, and as Hugh finds his niche at Allen’s Printing, he finds his lady boss equally appealing. Despite the attraction, however, Holly won’t let herself fall for a faithless man, and Hugh isn’t on gracious terms with God.

Then, just when new beginnings seem possible, old heartaches from the war come calling. Now it might only be in letting go of everything dear that they both discover what real love is.

Book Takeaway:

Second chances are possible, even probably, when we step out in faith and trust in God's mercy.

Why the author wrote this book:

After writing Book 2, The Softest Breath, I realized that Hugh Phelps was a deeply complex character that needed his own story. Readers deserved to discover what made that former antagonist tick.


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