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Season of My Enemy

By Naomi Musch


The realities of WWII come to a Wisconsin farm bringing hope and danger.

Only last year Fannie O’Brien’s future shone bright, despite the war pounding Europe. Since her father’s sudden death and her brothers fighting overseas, Fannie must now do the work of three men on their 200-acre farm--until eight German prisoners arrive as laborers and, just as Fannie feared, trouble comes too.

Captain Wolfgang Klonginger is relieved that his boys are off the warfront, keeping busy working the O'Brien farm until they can go home again and he can return to his teaching position in Germany.

Crops take precedence, even as "accidents" happen around the farm. Could a saboteur be among them? Fannie is especially leery of the handsome German captain who seems intent on cracking her defenses. Can she manage the farm and hold her family together through these turbulent times, all while keeping the prisoners—and her heart—in line?

Book Takeaway:

Hatred is a poison that can infect anyone, and only God can change the human heart. Nevertheless, He desires that we forgive our enemies and even love them. How that looks in action depends upon the situation, but when it happens, the outcomes can sometimes surprise us.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was enthralled when I discovered that thirty-eight prisoner-of-war branch camps were scattered about my home state of Wisconsin during WWII, and that the Germans housed in the camps were hired out to work with citizens on area farms and in canning factories. In reading a lot of true accounts of that period, it was not difficult to imagine a story where a group of German prisoners is sent to help with the crops on a family farm in NW Wisconsin.


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