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Hidden Chance

By Shawna Coleing


Hannah spent her childhood on the mission field in Burma, but witnessing the tragic murder of her father propelled her into a life dedicated to making a difference. Now, working for a prominent company in America that funds schools overseas, she attempts to use her role within TreadCraft Dynamics to secure more funding.

At the same time Hannah is presenting her case, a specialized military team is carrying out a mission in Burma to stop a militant group that has been wreaking havoc on local villages. After breaking into a school that has been the militia’s base of operations, they uncover an elaborate plan to exploit those most vulnerable.

Robby, the team leader, is determined to expose the truth when he discovers that a company based in America may be behind the chilling acts of savagery against the innocent. His first task on American soil is to look into a woman employed at the company who has a devastating tie to the country after losing her father, and may be holding a grudge against the people her family had been there to protect. With children already at risk, he becomes convinced that her need for vengeance makes her the key to bringing down the sickening scheme.

Amidst the lush landscapes of Burma and the bustling corporate corridors in America, Robby and Hannah must traverse betrayal and deceit to find common ground that will save the lives of countless children and bring an end to the threat on their front door.


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