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Shadow Trace

By Shawna Coleing


After spending a year untangling corruption within the FBI, Special Agent Aaron Pritchard is careful who he trusts, and with a further six months undercover in a drug-den sifting through the darkest of humanity, he has returned to work moody and frustrated causing a lapse in judgement which finds him reprimanded — the punishment for which is babysitting a self-absorbed scientist scared of his own shadow — At least that’s Aaron’s expectation.

But the scientist is not who he expects and when the innocuous threat turns out to be real, his careless attitude toward his latest assignment means he nearly loses the person he is supposed to be protecting. Now, Aaron’s biggest problem is figuring out who to trust, and after discovering that a biological weapon is in danger of being stolen, everyone around him has a convincing motive, including the woman he’s falling for.


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