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Kimberly Rae Jordan

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The author of several bestselling Christian Romances, Kimberly Rae Jordan loves telling stories that encourage and uplift readers even as they entertain. From a very young age Kimberly has enjoyed using her imagination to create characters and stories. Being able to share those stories now with an ever-growing audience has been a joy for Kimberly.

As shown in her books and the lives of her characters, faith and family are also an integral part of Kimberly’s life. She lives in central Canada with her husband and four children. Along with writing, she enjoys reading, baking and trying out the odd craft she finds through Pinterest. But as creating stories remains her favorite thing to do, Kimberly looks forward to sharing many more of them with readers in the years ahead.

Books by Author

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Believing in Tomorrow

In the blink of an eye, her forever turned to never. Jayden Murray had promised he loved her and saw forever with her, so Sammi McFadden allowed things to go further than she’d known was right. But instead of proposing, Jayden tells her he’s fallen in love with someone else. Heartbroken at not just…

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Snowflakes and Mistletoe: A Collection of Christian Christmas Romances

Eight brand-new. never before released Christian Christmas romances by bestselling inspirational authors! COME TO ME JOYFUL by Leah Atwood: When faced with the possibility of losing a loved one, Kate's insecurities resurface. Will she allow Luke to love and support her or will she push him away? MISTLETOE…

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Guarding Her Heart

Lindsay Hamilton has watched as people around her have fallen in love and gotten married. She knows she needs a change in her life, but she also knows it doesn’t involve romance or love, let alone marriage. When their church announces a two-week mission’s trip to the Philippines, Lindsay feels that…

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When There Is Love

Born with a form of dwarfism, Victoria McKinley has spent her whole life proving she can do anything an average size person can. But she's not sure that includes dating her brother's best friend. For the past few months, Victoria has managed to brush aside Trent Hause's not-so-subtle attempts to flirt…

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Forever My Love

Brooke McKinley has room in her life for only one guy. Her ten-year old son, Danny. From her own father’s betrayal to Danny’s father refusal to take responsibility for his son, Brooke has learned to not rely on anyone—particularly a man—for her wellbeing or happiness. But when Danny’s uncle…

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This Time with Love

Six years ago, a new found faith changed Anastacia Stapleton’s perspective on her life and relationship. When the man she is living with refuses to consider marriage, she knows she has to end things with him. Realizing that she can’t continue to live the way she has in the past, Ana runs away from…

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Coming Home

Lily Collingsworth has been absent from her family home for almost three years. She has finally come to terms with the news that sent her running from her family and the man she was engaged to marry. Now she's coming home to her family, but she knows that the love of her past can never be part of her…

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Her Heart, His Home

Will Collingsworth thought he'd had it all. A wife he adored. A job he enjoyed. Financial security through his inheritance. And a baby on the way. Then tragedy strikes, and he is left to raise his daughter on his own. Hardened by the events that robbed him of the family he'd longed for, Will distances…

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The Long Road Home

When her grandmother's will stipulated she spend a month at Collingsworth Manor with her siblings, Cami Collingsworth agreed because she wanted the money. It's down to the final week, and Cami can't wait to leave and get on with her life. But when things take a serious turn in the meaningless flirtation…

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Love Makes a House a Home

Lance Evanston has walked back into Jessa Collingsworth's life as abruptly as he'd left it over ten years earlier. As the oldest sister, Jessa has had to step up into her grandmother's role as the matriarch of the Collingsworth family now that Gran has passed away. The weight of that responsibility…

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Home Away from Home

Laurel Collingsworth-Davis thought she had everything she could ever want: a beautiful home, a fulfilling career, financial security and a devoted husband. However, at the beginning of their marriage, she and Matt--each for their own private reasons--had agreed to never have children. When her grandmother…

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Ten years ago, Violet Collingsworth left the town founded by her family, eager to escape a domineering grandmother and a past filled with hurt. Finally able to pursue her own dreams, Violet has spent the last decade traveling and enjoying adventures in the outdoors she loves so much. But now her grandmother's…

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