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Ora Smith

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Ora Smith, a genealogist who writes Heritage Fiction, creates fascinating stories about her ancestors based on true events. She loves nothing better than to be whisked off to past eras to meet those whose lives are worth sharing. As a mother, artist, and faithful follower of Jesus Christ, Ora blends her understanding and unique skills to create faith inspired stories that she hopes will give others an added testimony of God’s goodness. She’s one of those people who always has a project she’s excited about. Although she’s lived in Arizona since 1986, she spent her early life in Lake Tahoe, California, where her passion to write blossomed on a tranquil riverbank with a beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Ora has also written and illustrated a Christmas children's picture book, expressing her testimony of Jesus Christ to all of God's little ones.

Books by Author

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Trading Thomas, Jamestown's Boy Interpreter

England, 1606. Thomas Savage yearns to find his worth and feel appreciated. Heartbroken when his father refuses to take him to the New World, the second son of a poor family fears he’ll be forced to accept a dull destiny as a vicar. But when his dying mother has a vision of him speaking to a Native…

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White Oak Plantation: Slavery's Deeper Roots

Most slaves long for freedom. Eighteen-year-old Spicey longs for a sister. As an orphaned house slave, she’s desperate to belong to a family—even her mistress Caroline’s family. But Caroline is more concerned with courting John, the local preacher, than noticing Spicey’s devotion or caring for…

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White Oak River: A Story of Slavery's Secrets

When Caroline Gibson marries the Reverend John Mattocks, she leaves behind her privileged life, which she finds easier than leaving behind her prejudices. While she’s content being served, John lives to serve others. Scorning his family’s wealth and long-held practice of owning slaves, he chooses…

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The Pulse of His Soul: The Story of John Lothropp, a Forgotten Forefather

Based on a true story of love and loss, family and faith. At the height of Separatist suppression and enforced Anglican worship in England, Reverend John Lothropp meets and marries Hannah Howse. The witty, educated vicar’s daughter immediately challenges his decision to put God before a wife. In a…

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The Cry of Her Heart

Punished for her choice to leave the Church of England and meet illegally with the secret Separatist community, genteel Penninah Howse is thrown into Clink Prison with little chance of release. To survive prison under the evil of Bishop William Laud’s tyranny, she must evade the advances of a malicious…

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A Christmas Story of Light

God’s light shines in all His creations, from the Star of Bethlehem, to the angel proclaiming Christ’s birth, to the Son of God Himself—the light of the world. Through this light, He illuminates darkness, gives us guidance, and shows us how to love one another. Experience the rich artwork and…

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