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Daniel Bishop

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As a young man, Daniel Bishop had a desire to share his faith through writing. Raised in East Tennessee, he joined the Army and married. Shortly thereafter, his beautiful, bright blue-eyed baby girl Amberly was born and became his life. Unfortunately, his marriage ended in divorce, but his faith stayed strong, and his relationship with his daughter only grew.
God had a plan for Daniel’s future that he could never have imagined.

After meeting and marrying his spunky wife Joelle and struggling with miscarriage, their prayer was the same: “God, your will be done.” God led them on a journey through foster care and adoption, which opened Daniel’s eyes to a whole new world and provided a platform for his writing.

Through events inspired by their journey, Daniel writes faith-based fiction novels about the joys and importance of foster care. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife and amazing daughter—Kailey, their humorously strong-willed gift through adoption.

Books by Author

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Ralley Point: Place Of Refuge

She knew she was meant to be a mom. Her body disagreed. Will Heaven send a baby to a family full of love to give? Knoxville, 2007. Dyanna Jo Baskin couldn’t wait to bring a child into the world. So with a wonderful husband and loving stepdaughter by her side, she’s thrilled when she becomes pregnant…

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