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Ralley Point: Place Of Refuge

By Daniel Bishop


“What if the machines are wrong?” I pleaded. Am I putting more faith in doctors than in God? I thought.
“No, Dyanna Jo. There’s no heartbeat,” Dr. Swanson replied gently.

Expectant mother, Dyanna Jo Baskin, her husband Leif, and her step-daughter Ralley, are devastated when Dyanna Jo miscarries after so many years of trying to get pregnant. When told by a fertility specialist that she’ll never carry a baby to term, the miscarriage becomes a catalyst for their journey to becoming a foster family.
Told from the point of view of each character, the family embarks on an emotional roller coaster within the foster care system and are blessed with two special children. Baby Jane Doe is born drug-exposed and left at the hospital, never to see her biological mother again. Baby John Doe is an abortion survivor.
Through the devastating loss and brokenness, Dyanna Jo, Leif, and Ralley are transformed as a family in a place and time of God’s choosing—a place of refuge, a place of redemption, a place of restoration. This is their rally point, so to speak, and better known as their “Ralley Point.”

Book Takeaway:

God is in control and He can take whatever situation you're in and make it something beautiful.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book the encourage people in their walk with God or to begin a walk with God.


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