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Debby Mayne

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Author and speaker Debby Mayne grew up in a military family, which meant moving every few years throughout her childhood. Debby was born in Alaska, and she has lived in Mississippi, Tennessee, Oregon, Florida, Hawaii, and Japan. She and her husband Wally have two grown daughters, Lauren and Alison, a son-in-law, Jason, and a granddaughter. Debby has published more than 25 books and novellas, approximately 400 short stories and articles, and a slew of devotions for busy women. She has also worked as managing editor of a national health magazine, product information writer for a TV retailer, a creative writing instructor, and a copy editor and proofreader for several book publishers. Debby lives on Florida’s west coast with her husband and two cats.

Books by Author

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Tickled Pink: Class Reunion Series | Book 3

Priscilla Slater shows up at her 20-year reunion as a national celebrity. Her hair salon dynasty has skyrocketed, and to top it off, she has her own line of hair products. She has become a huge success with the “Ms. Prissy Big Hair” line that lets women with the thinnest of locks get the coveted…

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Bless Her Heart: Class Reunion Series | Book 2

As Priscilla Slater’s 15-year class reunion approaches, she decides to attend out of curiosity… and to flaunt her latest achievement—taking her business to a national level with the possibility of a TV show. As if getting ready for the event and putting up with the pranks of her former classmates…

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The Farmer's Bride Collection: 6 Romances Spring from Hearts, Home, and Harvest

Love is in season as you journey into rural America’s history and witness the harvest of romance through six delightful stories. From Minnesota to Florida, New York to Kansas, and Ohio to Louisiana, heroic men and women make sacrifices in order to create a home, nurture the crops, and secure a future…

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Pretty Is as Pretty Does: Class Reunion | Book 1

Priscilla Slater goes to her ten-year high school reunion with equal parts dread and eager anticipation. Even though she’s a successful owner of a chain of hair salons and no longer has the mousy brown hair, crooked teeth, and discount-store wardrobe, she still feels like the ugly duckling. But when…

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Love Finds You on Christmas Morning

Deck the Halls - In 1925, the wealthy William Tronnier becomes smitten with the lovely but penniless Lillian Pickard. Not one to give up easily, William pursues Lillian even though she does everything in her power to resist falling in love with a man from a completely different social class. As Christmas…

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Special Mission

Kim thought David was her knight in shining armor. But can she compete with the blinding passion he has for his military career? Will David realize that in making life-changing decisions without consulting Kim, he is pushing his fiancee out of his life? Brian and Kim have been best friends since childhood,…

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Portrait of Love

Mandy Pruitt loves her job at Small World Portrait Studio, so she's disappointed when she's passed over for a promotion in favor of Tony Mancini, someone with very little experience. What she doesn't know is that the company managers have bigger plans for her than anything she could ever imagine. Tony…

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Shades of the Past

Born out of wedlock to a former Mennonite girl, Mary Penner lived on the edge of society until the day her mother was killed in a drug bust. Sent back to her grandparents at age fourteen, she found fitting in with their simple society very difficult. As an adult now, she enjoys the security and peace…

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Sweet Baklava

The product of a split home, Paula Andrews is conflicted about the only guy she’s ever loved, Nick Papadopoulos, who is coming home on leave from the military. Years earlier, Nick grew impatient and abandoned his family’s sponge diving and restaurant businesses in the Greek community of Tarpon Springs,…

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Noah's Ark

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Christmas Homecoming

Soar to new heights in this inspirational Christmas romance collection where four females encounter love amid the Colorado Rockies. A widowed grandmother, Carol Scheirer, is filled with angst, unsure that her family will accept the new man in her life. Wedding planner Noelle Evans wonders if the guy…

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Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida

Amanda Burns owns a bicycle shop in Treasure Island, Florida, and she's so busy with work and her sister, she has little time to enjoy her hometown. Jerry Simpson is the caregiver to his parents who like to visit the sandy beach in Florida. Each time Jerry visits Amanda's shop, they both try to ignore…

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Peachtree Dreams

Three Southern women can no longer believe in happily-ever-after endings in these tough modern times.

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Double Blessing

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