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Shades of the Past

By Debby Mayne


Born out of wedlock to a former Mennonite girl, Mary Penner lived on the edge of society until the day her mother was killed in a drug bust. Sent back to her grandparents at age fourteen, she found fitting in with their simple society very difficult. As an adult now, she enjoys the security and peace her faith gives her - even if the people still hold grudges against her and whisper about the notorious shunning of her mother.

Abe Glick has been fascinated with Mary since the first day she walked into his life. Different from the rest of the girls, she captured his imagination...and his heart. But capturing her heart will be a difficult task since Mary keeps it locked up tight, hidden behind walls of self-imposed guilt and pain. When her past confronts her, will her world come tumbling down, or will she finally set herself free?


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