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Janetta Fudge Messmer

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Janetta Fudge Messmer is an inspirational author, speaker and editor. Her Early Birds series (Early Birds, Southbound Birds, Girly Birds and Blessing Bird) are Christian Comedies. They’re fun reads and might make you want to hit the road in your own RV after you read them. Her novel, Chords of Love, is a Christian Historical Romance set in Central City, Colorado. In her latest book, Pigtails and a Tool Belt, comedy and romance are again at work. Janetta, her hubby (Ray), and their pooch (Maggie) are full-time RVers. Writing and traveling go hand in hand as they see the USA in their Winnebago.

Books by Author

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It's A Mystery...Birds

When Betsy Stevenson signed up for the writer’s conference, she thought she’d see her Houston friends and learn more about the craft of writing. However, rain, canceled flights, and a chance meeting with Dillon McCloud (a mystery writer and keynote speaker) turns her life into a back-to-back adventure.…

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God's Grace in Our Grumbling

On any given day, most of us are barely hanging on. Countless questions bombard our brains. The answer I’ve found is seeking Him more. When I call on the Lord, I find the pit I dug for myself wasn’t as deep as I’d imagined. He was ready to rescue me from whatever I was going through. And He will…

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Pigtails and a Tool Belt

Samantha Barry decides to leave Rhode Island and return to her hometown of Hummingbird, Colorado. The reason for her move—her dad has retirement on his mind and wants his daughter to take over his handyman business. She makes the move. Nathan Sherman, Sam’s boyfriend of two years, agrees to relocate…

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Southbound Birds

Rose and Larry Wilford are hitting the highway on their next RV adventure. Ben and Betsy Stevenson are right behind them in their 5th wheel. The other two Early Birds, Jeff and Mary Miller, promise to hook up with them as soon as they finish some 'business' in Colorado. On their way to Florida, they…

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Girly Birds

The Early Birds, or at least the female part of the famed group, have flown the coop (Florida) to help Mary Miller’s niece, Jennifer McDonald. She owns an eclectic shop in Estes Park, Colorado, and it needs some sprucing up. Others subject that require Jenny’s full attention is her longtime boyfriend,…

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Chords of Love

Abigail Jane Thompson is certain she’s not singing at the Central City Opera House. Imagine her delight when she spies the renowned building in total disrepair when she and her parents arrive in the tiny mountain town. Noah Presley, owner of Presley Mercantile, wants nothing more than to restore it…

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Blessing Birds

The Early Birds leave Florida and are on the road again. Their plans are to visit as much of the East Coast as possible during the summer months. Again, their forward motion is hindered, and they haven’t crossed the Georgia line. Most people would call their delay a Random Act of Kindness, but when…

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Early Birds

Betsy Stevenson is praying fervently for a change. But when a big part of her prayer is answered she asks the Lord, “Is this really You? An RV, of all things.” According to Ben (her hubby and a workaholic), he thinks retiring at 60, buying an RV and traveling is a grand idea. He says, “I’ve…

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