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Gerri Bauer

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My idea of a perfect day always includes a book, or three, including one with a happy ending. I write Catholic historical romance novels and novellas set in pioneer Florida, and non-romance short stories that explore the importance of community, connection and human dignity.

I was born and raised in New York City, but found a small-town haven in Florida many years ago. I was a homebody even before the pandemic. I love to spend time at home with my husband, spoil my cats, keep tabs on my far-flung extended family and get out into the garden. Although the plants question my dedication. 

I share my space-geek husband’s enthusiasm for our final frontier. That helps me remember I don't live in the 19th century Florida setting of my novels or the diaries and biographies I love to read about people from past eras.

And I'm a needlework nerd. I quilt, crochet and sew clothing at a pace that qualifies me for the slow-life movement. Among my treasures is my grandmother's 1919 Singer treadle sewing machine. I'm working on my treadling skills but still have a long way to go.

Books by Author

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Growing A Family in Persimmon Hollow

Long before #MeToo, a woman who became pregnant after an assault paid a high price. Laws didn’t support her. Society shunned her. She was often banished from home. That’s what happens to Penelope Gold, who is exiled to the Florida frontier town of Persimmon Hollow. But something remarkable happens…

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Trust in Love (Persimmon Hollow Legacy Novella 1)

Catholics are a minority in 1890s Florida. Shared faith helps bond two immigrants employed at a tourist hotel. But the challenges of working new jobs in a new place strain them. Will the love that grows between them be a saving grace or a complicated distraction?

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Stitching a Life in Persimmon Hollow (Persimmon Hollow Legacy)

In At Home in Persimmon Hollow, readers’ hearts were captured by Agnes Foster as she built a new life for herself in a very special frontier town amid the Florida wilderness— and found love along the way. Now, in the second novel of the Persimmon Hollow Legacy series, we meet starry-eyed seamstress…

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At Home in Persimmon Hollow (Persimmon Hollow Legacy)

At Home in Persimmon Hollow is the first book in a series chronicling the world of Agnes Foster and the people of frontier-era Florida. In 1886, Agnes is forced to leave the Catholic orphanage in New York where she grew up to start a new life as a teacher in Persimmon Hollow, a small Florida town she…

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