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Growing A Family in Persimmon Hollow (Persimmon Hollow Legacy Book 3)

By Gerri Bauer


Long before #MeToo, a woman who became pregnant after an assault paid a high price. Laws didn’t support her. Society shunned her. She was often banished from home. That’s what happens to Penelope Gold, who is exiled to the Florida frontier town of Persimmon Hollow. But something remarkable happens after she arrives. She finds love, acceptance and faith. And discovers that “Growing A Family in Persimmon Hollow” can be a time of joy.

Book Takeaway:

Follow God's will even when the path is difficult

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to show readers how a 19th century woman who became pregnant after an assault dealt with society's disapproval. Women often were sent away until they gave birth and gave up the baby. In my book, Growing A Family, the heroine finds acceptance in a community of faith. She discovers love, peace and a new family as she accepts the Lord’s guidance.


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