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Lauricia A. Matuska

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Lauricia Matuska has been teaching high school literature and creative writing classes for more than ten years. She first discovered the realm of fantasy by travelling with Lucy through the wardrobe to Narnia. Since then, she has established dual-residency between that world and this one, and she currently serves as an ambassador to contemporary youth, young adults, and new adults.

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Guardian Prince (Ceryn Roh Saga Book 2)

Sabine Rhyonselle, once a healer in the Human village of Khapor, is running for her life. Aided by a fey race she's been conditioned to hate, Sabine has escaped the Ruddan who enslaved her. Now half a world away, she joins the Aethel Prince Aodhan and his companions to find the one thing that can secure…

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The Healer's Rune (Ceryn Roh Saga Book 1)

Three hundred years after a great war shattered the Council of Races, the warriors of Rüddan have all but eradicated their cousins, the faerie Aethel. In so doing, they decimated the Dryht sages and enslaved mortal Humanity. Now a voice rises above the chaos and calls her people to rebel. Young Sabine,…

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