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The Healer's Rune (Ceryn Roh Saga Book 1)

By Lauricia Matuska


Three hundred years after a great war shattered the Council of Races, the warriors of Rüddan have all but eradicated their cousins, the faerie Aethel. In so doing, they decimated the Dryht sages and enslaved mortal Humanity. Now a voice rises above the chaos and calls her people to rebel. Young Sabine, one of the Human slaves, must learn to overcome centuries of lies and prejudice to forge an alliance between four enemy races. But what chance does she stand to overthrow the Rüddan with her dangerous secret, a secret that threatens not only her own life but the existence of all the races on the planet?

Book Takeaway:

Even though you are only one person, you have the power to do great things.

Why the author wrote this book:

When I began writing this book in 1998, Humanity the dominating race of every fantasy story, usually having supplanted the indigenous fey race. I wanted to explore what might happen if the opposite were true.


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