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More Than A Second Chance

By Lisa Renee

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Cassie Chambers paced the creaky floorboards. The nerves on her fingertips tingled with maximum alert like a plasma lamp.

She gripped her cell phone for a lifeline. “I need help. Melissa’s taken off. I went to her room to say goodnight, and she’s gone.”

Her colleague, Tamara, groaned at the other end of the call. “How?”

“She must’ve slipped out the door when I was busy. She’s taken her things. Quit the program.”

An offensive muffler rumbled outside, growing louder. Cassie’s heart sped up. She pounced toward the window, flicked the curtains aside, and squinted as a Holden Ute shone its high beams. The vehicle skidded as it rounded the corner. No one she knew.

“The withdrawals must be playing her,” Tamara’s voice held tones of compassion.

“I hate when this happens.” Cassie rubbed her forehead, as if that could take away her frustration. “You give these girls your everything, then they go back to the old scene in a moment. We’ll have to start all over again.”

“Don’t give up on her, Cass. She may not have found a fix yet. There’s still time to stop her.”

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