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One Tempting Test

By Biji T Kurien

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Chapter 1
After the Transcendent Beginning

The Word struck the match of sheer love and ignited the fuse of matter, energy, time, and space. An explosive entertainment-blitzkrieg streaked across immeasurable light-year distances as a result and introduced an eternal showbiz for a heavenly audience.

Regional shows like starbursts, gravitational wave actions, star musicals, supernova productions, stellar formations, black hole shows and rotate-a-revolve dances by rotund supermodels rocked the heavenly realm with euphonious revelry.

However, the master entertainment for the heavenly hosts came from an astronomical intergalactic competition occurring in a dynamic regular-matter area of the universe. Four hundred billion galaxies revved up a colossal rivalry in a tiny part of the universe, an area with a diameter of a mere 100 billion light-years.

All 400 billion galaxies vied with one another to produce a stellar show, in a mystic mingling of atomic precision and panoramic splendor. They swirled majestically, as though dancing to the ethereal symphony rendered by a divine orchestra, and immersed the heavens in a magical kaleidoscope of inexplicable grandeur.

In the course of time, the top honors in the intergalactic competition began to go in favor of one hazy galaxy named Via Lactea. The heavenly hosts started bestowing special attention on Via Lactea Galaxy, cheering in particular for an ultraspecial performer of the galaxy.

With a cast of 800 billion stars and planets spread across a diameter of 588,000 trillion miles or 100,000 light-years, Via Lactea Galaxy did not disappoint. It effortlessly spiraled at a speed of 2 million kilometers per hour and put on a massive show of unrivaled artistry as well as wizardry.

Other star-studded galaxies competed hard to spin a Via Lactea-like show. Andromeda Galaxy, Via Lactea’s closest neighbor, was no exception.

Located just 2.5 million light-years away, Andromeda swirled 1 trillion stars across a diameter of 220,000 light-years at 400,000 kilometers per hour and set the heavens ablaze.

However, Via Lactea gained victory using a participant that the celestial audience swooned over, a trump card that none of the other galaxies possessed. In the colorful cornucopia of fierce intergalactic rivalry, Via Lactea stole the thunder with a rotund, blue spaceship from a tiny niche known as the solar system.

This unique spaceship, host to the concept of light-years and parsecs, won the intergalactic showmanship for Via Lactea in a romantic way. The spaceship spun a memorable dance, balancing life as well as water on its exterior, across an oval-shaped freeway and won accolades from the celebrated celestials.

Such explosive fairy tale magic happened every day in the heavens, time after time since the dawn of time.

Ever since the Word created time, ages before the Word became flesh.


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