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Flood Gates: A Child's Life of Jesus (THEY MET JESUS) (Volume 5)

By Katheryn Maddox Haddad

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Jesus kept hiding in a foreign country from bad Prince Herod. The soldiers didn't know what Jesus looked like. But the common people did.

Someone spotted Jesus up in some hills and ran and told the people in town. Then the word spread to other towns.

People traveled all evening to get to where Jesus was. The next morning Jesus came out to teach them all about God and getting to heaven.

But someone interrupted Jesus by banging loudly on something. He was mute, which means he could not speak. That's probably because he was deaf too, which means he could not hear.

Jesus had such little time left to teach about God, he did not want to get started healing a lot of people. He took the man to where other people couldn't see what he was doing.

Jesus spit on his hands and touched the man's ears. Then he touched the man's tongue. "I can hear! I can speak!" he said. "I'm going to tell everyone!"

Jesus did not want the bad people to find him, so asked the man not to say anything. But the man was so happy, he rushed back to the people nearby and shouted "Jesus healed me! Jesus healed me!"

Now everyone in the crowd wanted healed. Jesus felt sorry for them. So, he spent all day healing and never got a chance to teach them about God and going to heaven. He left the next day.

Jesus went in another direction to keep hiding from bad Prince Herod. He decided to go to a big city where he could get lost in the crowd.

When he got there, he walked around the city square and saw some homeless men there. They were dirty and ragged. People didn't like them to go to the synagogue church like that.

One of the homeless men recognized Jesus. He ran and got his friend, Aram, who was blind. Jesus took him outside the city where they would not be noticed.

Once again, he spit on his fingers, then touched the man's eyes. Aram could see. Jesus found out Aram was from another town and surely wanted to tell his family.

Jesus told Aram not to go back into the city to tell anyone, but to go back home because now he could see and get a job. Now he wouldn't have to be homeless any more.


1. Put your hands over your eyes. That's what it is like to be blind. Put your fingers in your ears. That's what it is like to be deaf. Thank God right now that you can see and hear.

2. Ask whoever is reading to you if they can get a picture from the internet showing how people who cannot hear hold their fingers and hands for each letter of the alphabet. Learn to spell “I LOVE YOU” in this hand language.


Jesus had been hiding from bad Prince Herod a long time. He knew he couldn't hide forever. He knew he would have to go back to Jerusalem soon. Then he would be treated bad and killed.

He was part human and so he was scared of the pain. He told his 12 apostles about it, but they refused to believe he would be killed. There was no one to comfort him.

So, Jesus took his three closest friends ~ Peter, James and John ~ and climbed up into a high mountain. There Jesus prayed not to be afraid of hurting a lot when he died. His friends prayed too.

Jesus needed special help right now. Suddenly Moses, the man God gave his Law to hundreds of years earlier, appeared right out of heaven. Moses and Jesus hugged.

Moses said the people he led talked mean to him the whole time he led them ~ the whole forty years.

Moses wanted to take them into their Promised Land, but God told him that it was time to die and go to heaven instead. Moses didn't want to die, just like Jesus didn't want to die. He wanted to stay and lead his people to their new land. But God told him it was time to go to heaven.

In a few minutes, someone else appeared to Jesus from heaven. He was Elijah, a famous prophet who could tell the future. Elijah and Jesus hugged.

Elijah reminded Jesus that a bad king and queen were always chasing him and trying to kill him. He hid alone in caves a lot. At least Jesus had his 12 apostles to hide with.

Peter, James and John had fallen asleep. Suddenly they woke up and saw Jesus standing there talking to Moses and Elijah.

Not only were the clothes of Moses from heaven shining, and the clothes of Elijah from heaven shining, but also Jesus' clothes were shining.

Peter didn't know what to say, so suggested they put up three tents so everyone could talk and get rested. That was a silly thing to say.

Instead, God spoke right out of heaven. He didn't want people to follow the Law of Moses any more. He didn't want people to follow the prophets like Elijah any more either. Jesus had fulfilled both.

God said, "Jesus is my SON! Listen only to him now!" Jesus was so excited. He had not heard his heavenly Father's voice for a few years. Then Moses and Elijah went back to heaven.

Jesus felt better now. Jesus knew he could endure anything bad now.


1. Today we can hear God's voice by reading the Bible. Aren't we lucky?

2. Do you have a Bible of your very own? Ask the person who is reading this story to you if they will help you get a children’s Bible with pictures in it. Try looking here:

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