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By Christine Sunderland


She risked everything to save a life…
But who would save hers?

Vietnamese-American Victoria Nguyen, seventeen, flees to England with a powerful secret…and a determined senator on her trail.
Madeleine Seymour, a history professor, and her husband, Jack, a retired wine broker, travel from San Francisco to London to purchase property for a children’s home—and find much more than land at stake.
Brother Cristoforo, a black Franciscan from the Seymours’ Quattro Coronati orphanage in Rome, wrestles with demons of his past and present.
Woven through the mists of Lent to new life on Easter Day, Inheritance draws the lives of these four characters together to a stunning, unforgettable conclusion.

A poignant story about choices made along the way…and the miracles of the heart.
Set in the breathtaking beauty of England.

Why the author wrote this book:

The history of Christianity in England has largely formed today's western culture. I wanted to share this inheritance and at the same time weave a story of the sanctity of life, the questions of belief, the power of God's actions among us in the past and the present. I have been blessed to visit this beautiful country and worship in her historic churches, in London and in the countryside and to share these impressions as well.


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