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By Christine Sunderland


Jack’s haunted by fears of the past.
Madeleine holds a powerful secret.
And Rachelle is running away.

For the last seventeen years, her husband, Jack, and son, Justin, have been Madeleine Seymour’s world. Then, during Justin’s wedding reception, Jack collapses. Jack needs surgery, and he insists it be performed by the doctor who perfected the procedure. But the doctor isn’t reachable, and time is running out.

Dr. Rachelle Dupres, plagued with memories of a deadly failure, flees America to search out her roots in her ancestral village in Provence, France. But as she tries to locate the graves of her Catholic uncles and her Jewish parents, will their roles in the Holocaust bring more angst—or the answers she so desperately seeks?

A poignant story about choices made along the way…and the miracles of the heart.
Set in the breathtaking beauty of France.


Year Title Description
2010 Independent Publishers Award Bronze Medal
2010 Readers Views Literary Awards Honorable Mention

Why the author wrote this book:

In my many visits to France, I have been entranced not only by the beauty of the countryside and her historic cities, but by the churches and the historic witness to Christianity that can still be seen. I have felt called to witness to this action of God in history and in our own time through sacraments, saints, and His Church, and indeed, through each of us, His creation. Offerings explores how God loves us through timne and through matter and what that love means for us in return.


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