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By Christine Sunderland


It was a day when nothing should have gone wrong...but everything did. Madeleine Seymour will never forget what happened twenty-two years ago in her own backyard. She's still riddled with guilt. Hoping to banish the nightmares that haunt her and steal her peace, she travels to Italy with her husband, Jack, on a pilgrimage. As a history professor, Madeleine is fascinated by the churches they visit...and what they learn about the lives of the martyrs. But can anything bring her the peace that her soul longs for?

Why the author wrote this book:

I have had the blessing of many visits to Italy, seeing the churches and learning about the saints and martyrs of early Christianity. I have also been fascinated by the interaction of body and soul and the activity of God in our world. Why folks believe and why they don't, the scope of apologetics, has also intrigued me. I wanted to explore some of these themes in Pilgrimage.


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