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Uncharted Grace

By Keely Brooke Keith


An inherited orchard offers a fresh start in a new village for social butterfly Caroline Vestal. She believes Good Springs is where she will finally find a soulmate, but building a genuine relationship means being honest—even with the family secret that could ruin her new life before it begins.

With his relaxed manner, professional expertise, and dapper appearance, physician Jedidiah Cotter makes a good first impression in his new village. Once the Good Springs elder council officially titles him, he can establish his career and be safe from the obligation to return to his crooked family’s business back home. But when the council unexpectedly stalls the process, Jedidiah must discover the cause and quickly find a cure.

Though Caroline is smitten with the dashing new physician who lives across the road from the orchard house, his attraction to her drives him to ask questions she isn’t prepared to answer. If she trusts the wrong person with the shocking truth about her family’s past, she could lose the inheritance and the man she loves.

Uncharted Grace weaves past and future in a faith-filled story of life in a hidden land. If you enjoy the rural setting of frontier romance and the wholesomeness of Amish fiction, you’ll adore Uncharted Grace.

Book Takeaway:

We all need grace.

Why the author wrote this book:

Grace is unmerited favor. It is getting something we don’t deserve. Grace comes from God, and it can (and should!) flow from one person to another.

When I created the Land, an isolated South Atlantic island, I wanted to use the setting to reveal Biblical principles through symbolism. My goal was to exhibit the life of God being lived out in human relationships.

Well, just like in real life, some communities in the Land are better than others at sticking to their values across the generations.

The village of Good Springs is one of those rare places where most people treat others as they want to be treated. It’s a place I’d like to live, and so I couldn’t resist moving siblings Caroline, Noah, and Lena to Good Springs to let them experience living in a community that values giving grace.

Uncharted Grace is Caroline’s story, but she and her siblings aren’t the only newcomers to Good Springs. The chance for a fresh start brought physician Jedidiah Cotter to the village too. As you will soon read, Caroline and Jedidiah both must learn how to give grace, as well as how to receive it.

It’s a lesson I needed to learn too.

Join me in the Land for another Uncharted adventure with Uncharted Grace.


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