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Truth in the Name

By F D. Adkins


What if someone erased your memory? Would you still know God?

President Denali’s war on crime has eliminated most criminals, but not all.

When he goes after the rest, he creates his own personal army. But at what cost?

Ellie Hatcher is tapped for a role in this secretive sect. She must leave all behind in less than 24 hours and she can’t even tell her parents. With the guilt eating at her, she decides to go and serve her nation.

But something’s not right. People are losing their memories and their will to disagree. Except for Ellie.

As the truth is revealed, Ellie enters a race against time to save the world and the man she’s falling in love with from the president’s thirst for more power.

Ellie Hatcher may have been chosen as a pawn by the president, but her presence in the training facility just might be a special assignment from God.

Book Takeaway:

God can take what is intended for evil and use it for good.
No one can take our relationship with our Savior or our salvation away.

Why the author wrote this book:

The purpose of this novel is to convey that while things in this world can change and even disappear, God’s love will always remain the same. When we truly accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, no one or nothing can take our salvation from us.


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