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Snowbound Colorado Christmas

By Lena Nelson Dooley, Susan Page Davis, Darlene Franklin, Tamela Hancock Murray


Love Arrives with a Blizzard

Thalia Bloom’s Christmas Party on December 3, 1913, is the talk of Denver, but no one dreams the gently falling snow will continue six days and accumulate nearly four feet.

Fires of Love by Tamela Hancock Murray
Thalia Bloom looks forward to her party, except for seeing heartbreaker Maximilian Newbolt. Sparks fly between them. Maximilian is waylaid by an allergy to a strawberry and rhubarb tart, and illness means he must linger. Aunt Dorcas is even unhappier than Maximilian, discouraging any newfound love between the couple. Has God used a fruit tart to free this couple from the bondage of fears and insecurities so they can find true happiness in love?

The Best Medicine by Lena Nelson Dooley
When Thomas Stanton shows up at the holiday party of Rose Fletcher’s best friend, his appearance reminds Rose of the infatuation she felt for him when he worked on her father’s ranch. Although her heart wants to continue those long ago feelings, her mind remembers that he doesn’t share her faith in God. Thomas can’t understand why rose seems so standoffish. Will it take God’s intervention to show these two people just what He has planned all along?

Almost Home by Susan Page Davis
Patricia Logan leaves Thalia’s party and heads for home at her uncle’s ranch. Her ride is sidelined by the blizzard. A chance meeting with Jared Booker, an old friend, prompts Patricia to beg for a lift. They set out on horseback and become snowbound in a shack for two days with an outspoken midwife and their past. Can they rekindle their old camaraderie and see it transform into lasting love?

Dressed in Scarlet by Darlene Franklin
Natalie Daire, a rich young heiress, has an automobile accident on the way home from Thalia’s holiday party and finds herself snowed in with other guests at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. Fabrizio Ricci, the mechanic who fixes her motorcar, is also snowbound at the hotel. Can these two people from the opposite ends of the social spectrum find true love?

If they live through the storm, will love be there to greet each young woman on Christmas morn?

Book Takeaway:

That often God has plans for you that you never knew about.

Why the author wrote this book:

There was an actual historical blizzard in 1913 that covered Denver for days. We decided to use that for the backdrop of our Christmas novella collection


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