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A Bride for Harley (The Proxy Brides Book 76)

By Heidi Gray McGill


“I would have preferred to choose my destiny rather than have it thrust upon me. I’m not sure what I wanted out of life, but it wasn’t being a proxy bride to a man I never desired to marry. While others flock to the west to hide their past sins and start a new life, I killed any hope for a new life and live in my transgressions.”

“My name is Mrs. Harrison. The story I am about to tell is not my own. Neither is my past.”

Set in the wilds of Montana above the Yellowstone River in Assiniboine Indian territory, the realities of life in 1868 come alive in this sweet, heartwarming coming-of-age story.

Book Takeaway:

The importance of knowing and being who you are can only be overstated by Whose you are.

Why the author wrote this book:

Writing in the first person allows me to become the character. Sometimes I surprise myself with my responses and change the course of the book with my own actions and reactions.

Such is the case in "A Bride for Harley." I tired of the easy Happily Ever Afters and the template or cookie-cutter plots. I needed to write something that surprised me. It worked. By listening to my character, the crafting of this story fell into place quickly and kept me up at night, eager to get back to writing another scene the next day.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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