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Jeanette's Gift

By Blossom Turner


This life wasn’t the one she dreamed of, but happily ever afters don’t always come when and how we expect.

At twenty-nine, Jeanette Williams has watched each one of her four sisters marry and start families of their own. It’s hard not to believe God has forgotten the desires of her heart, especially when most people refer to her as Spinster Williams. Without the beautiful children she teaches, life would be unbearably lonely.

When the handsome widower, Theo Wallace, and his six children move into the Shenandoah Valley, every available woman is atwitter—except for Jeanette. She has no such aspirations that someone as plain as her could draw even a smattering of interest.

As life throws this unlikely couple together, Jeanette can’t help but fall in love with Theo’s children and their soul-wrenching plight. Before she knows it, her heart is far more invested than she could’ve ever imagined. And not just with the children, but with their handsome father as well. Is she headed for another heartbreak, or is it possible God had a beautiful plan in the works all along?

Book Takeaway:

My heart is that women will read and find themselves woven into the pages and like the heroine find the truth that through the help of God, a healthier self-image awaits.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to connect with women who have struggled with self-worth and low self-esteem like I have. What better way than through a romance story. My struggle and path to a healthier self-image is told through the eyes of the heroine Jeanette.


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