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Oddball Ornaments: The Story of Christmas

By Terry Overton


The ornaments in the attic are excited. It's almost Turkey Day, and they know when they start smelling turkey, they're going to be pulled down out of the attic and hung on a tree for the humans to enjoy. After all, Box Day is all about admiring the ornaments, isn't it? But when Grandma joins them for Turkey Day instead of Box Day and brings a bunch of new ornaments with her, the Oddball Ornaments know something isn't right. Determined to find out the source of Grandma's sadness and what Box Day is really about, Nutcracker sets out on a quest to climb to the top of the tree to ask Angel about the true meaning of Christmas and discovers the truth is much more wonderful than they could ever have imagined.

Book Takeaway:

Christmas is not about the decorations or festivities but rather about remembering the birth of our Savior.


Year Title Description
2022 Reader Views Silver Award Young readers category
2022 Readers Favorite Honorable Mention Children-Christian
2021 Firebird Book Award Winner Children's Religion, Holiday

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to engage young readers using animated ornaments to teach the true meaning of Christmas.


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