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Kindred Star

By M.D. House


Intelligent life on another planet. Human intelligent life. Many Toryllians had long thought it possible, but seeing these people for the first time—these Earthlings—was challenging to process. It would be easy to live among them, blend in, and observe. But for how long? When should the newcomers reveal themselves? Earth couldn’t just become a galactic science experiment.

And what if these Earthlings—these apparent siblings—needed urgent help? How and when should superior technology be brought to bear? Such issues would be difficult to judge, especially when things at home aren’t going well, either. But if current trends toward a third global war on Earth continued, a decision would have to be made.

In the meantime, new questions and discoveries regarding non-human alien races who visited both planets in the past could change the interplanetary dynamic completely. Is the galaxy ready for a new set of storms?

Book Takeaway:

We are not alone in the universe among all the creations of God. Someday, we'll become acquainted with some of those other creations. Will we be ready?

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the sequel to Patriot Star, my first full-length (quite long, actually) novel. After writing several books of Christian historical fiction, it was fun to return to doing some clean, faith-based science fiction.


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