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Lilly's Promise

By Terrie Todd


Split-Time Fiction.

Orphaned and adopted as a toddler in 1922, Lilly Sampson pursues a nursing career in hopes that it will redeem the shameful crime of arson she committed as a child. When her self-sabotaging choices only build the ash heap higher, will she find the love she desperately seeks?

In 2019, while unraveling a mysterious link in her ancestry, thirty-six-year-old Diana DeWitt is at a crossroads as she tries to help a teenager in crisis. Will the truth she uncovers about her grandmother, Lilly, inspire her to let go of her fear and rise to the occasion?

Book Takeaway:

I want readers to walk away with increased and profound compassion for women facing incredibly difficult choices. If Lilly’s and Diana’s stories help just one woman choose life for her child or help one woman receive healing from a decision she regrets, I will feel it was worth every effort.


Year Title Description
2022 Braun Book Award Word Alive Press

Why the author wrote this book:

In 2019, I learned that someone dear to me had chosen to have an abortion. In the months that followed, I couldn’t stop thinking about who that little one may have been and the life they may have lived. I chose to write about a fictional character who survived an abortion and the ripple effects of his life.


"Terrie Todd is one of my favorite, award winning, authors. She has once again created a split time novel about flawed characters that you keep rooting for, even thru their poor life choices"
- Karen on December 01, 2022

"Sure to be a favourite! A story of dysfunction,sin, & judgment, and yet when we surrender to Jesus, He brings beauty out of our mess! A dual storyline woven together amazingly! An encouraging story!"
- Cheryl on November 30, 2022

"Terrie Todd’s engaging dual timeline novel “Lilly’s Promise” explores the connections between family past and present. I was as eager as Diana, the main character, to learn her grandmother's story."
- Eden on November 29, 2022

"Todd skillfully conveys the anguish of messy decisions while leaving us with a sense of hope and an appreciation for life. Inspiring!"
- Sandee on November 29, 2022

"I have enjoyed every one of Todd's books. She has a gift for weaving the stories of generations through skilled split-time writing. I did not anticipate the twists and turns along the way!"
- Gayle on November 27, 2022

"A heart warming story of choosing life when circumstances look desparate. Love the story lines that weave over three generations."
- Shelley on November 22, 2022

"Well written and compelling dual timeline story. Themes of redemption, forgiveness, second chances, and the importance of life"
- Jeanne on November 22, 2022

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