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Shining Stars and Mason Jars-Small Town Girl Book 2

By Jann Franklin


The Town of Graisseville, Louisiana is in crisis, and the mayor needs Jen Guidry’s help!

Jen has finally embraced small town life with open arms, but now she’s facing new challenges that test her faith. She struggles to balance family and her desire to help, but her husband Mike prefers she leave well enough alone.

While working with the mayor to save the town from financial crisis, she discovers others who also need her help. With Jen’s hilarious enthusiasm for navigating her career, friendships, and matchmaking schemes, she nearly loses sight of God’s blessings for her family.

Follow the plucky adventures of a small-town wife, mother and friend, as she discovers how to embrace God’s plan for her life.

Grab your copy of this hometown book and follow along as Jen navigates a life she never expected to love. You’ll laugh, cry and roll your eyes at the antics of this charming small-town Southern heroine.

This book is the second of the Small Town Girl Series.

Book Takeaway:

No matter what happens, don't forget God's promises.

Why the author wrote this book:

It's the 2nd in my Small Town Girl series--I wanted to continue Jen's adventures and explore other life lessons.


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