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Falling for Chet

By Christine Schimpf


Romance wasn’t part of the deal…or was it?
Accepting a temp position as an innkeeper in Door County, Wisconsin, was not part of Andrea Lockart’s plans, but when the opportunity presented itself after her recent job loss, she vowed to make the best of it.
Chet Taylor isn’t certain the woman he hired can handle the job at his new B&B, but he’s a desperate man. He needs the income to help pay the bills for not only the inn but for the family produce farm. When Chet’s interest in the new hire becomes personal, he discovers the real reason she’s entered his life. But can he break through the walls she’s erected to protect her heart?
As Andrea and Chet work together against the threat of default their difference cause a spark neither one can deny but will they be able to see the forever love waiting for them on the other side?

Book Takeaway:

All that happens to us in our lives is part of the journey we are meant to take.

Why the author wrote this book:

To help readers understand that all the good along with all the disappointing events in our lives are used by God to teach us what's important in life.


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