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Weathering the Firestorm

By Jen M. Hughes


The fire gained momentum as howling winds and sheets of red-hot embers barreled up the vertical canyon. Noah's heart thumped wildly. His mind raced as he scanned for any open space to deploy his fire shelter. Finding a slight depression on the forest floor, he yanked his shelter out of the pack and wrestled inside...waiting.

As fire season rages, another storm brews. Ashley Smith, a busy mom and NICU nurse struggles. Her firefighter husband, Noah, is gone for sudden lengthy stretches during fire season. His dangerous job, the unbearable stress it creates, and their increased time apart, tears at the foundation of their relationship. An unexpected encounter with a former flame causes Ashley to face both her own flawed self-identity and what is truth. Forced to her knees before God, she must learn who she is, if she's to keep her marriage from crumbling. Will their love weather the firestorm?

Book Takeaway:

God puts challenges in our life's when we need to face our flawed self-identity and see who we are in His eyes.


Year Title Description
2022 Inspire Christian Writer's Conference - Mount Hermon, Ca Best Beginnings

Why the author wrote this book:

This fiction novel describes the challenges of a Christian marriage and raising children when both parents are first responders. The message is a contemporary current struggle.


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